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The cabin is a unique type of home, one that is both structurally interesting and aesthetically pleasing. Cabin homes are homes built in the woods, on their own private streams or lakes, often times with their own private little section of nature all to themselves. They tend to be small in size and offer the unique experience of being almost removed from the rest of the world, but yet still have access to the same resources. Cabin home design has become very popular, and many people are choosing this style as their first cabin. This article is going to look at some of the 3D modeling aspects of cabin home design, as well as some information regarding cabin design itself.

First, let's talk about architecture surrounding a cabin. Since the cabin is often isolated by trees, it is given the feeling of a small town, with the woods providing the backdrop for the small town buildings around it. Along with trees, the landscape surrounding a cabin can also vary greatly, depending on where the cabin is located, its nearness to a stream, lake, or other natural resources, and what the area looks like. A small cabin that is built close to a stream may have a small stream running through it, giving the appearance of a small waterfall. Canyons can also be used to set the stage for the cabin's architecture, since they give the background for the buildings around it.

In terms of actual architecture surrounding the cabin, the building will have to be planned around an interior design. Since the cabin itself will be isolated from the outside world, no matter what, the design will have to be based around that fact. In many cases, this means using wood as the primary material, with stone or metal used for the windows and accents. Wood is also often used as the foundation, allowing it to match the exterior of the home as closely as possible. A 3d rendering is often very helpful for viewing the variations and options.

When planning the interior of the cabin, you will need to take into account the natural colors of the home and surrounding yard. If you have white cedar trim around your home, for example, you should plan on using the same wood in your model. This way, everything will match up, from the flooring, to the cabinets, to the paint. You can even use the same fabrics for window treatments, as well. Just make sure they contrast with the color of the wood.

While you may want to include a window or two outside the cabin, unless you are planning to build the model from scratch, you may not need them at all. For instance, if you have a large tree in your yard that will be blocking the view of your cabin, you may want to consider removing it. Similarly, if you are going with a log cabin design, you could simply build a doorway from the inside to allow people easy access to the outside of the home. If you are using a pre-built model, however, this may not be necessary.

Deciding to build a cabin from scratch adds a whole new level of design possibilities. Aside from just using the architecture surrounding your home as your source of inspiration, you can really go crazy when it comes to adding finishing touches. Make sure you choose a builder who has experience building log cabins so you get it right the first time.

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