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Let us answer all of your interesting questions. Scroll down for all the frequently asked questions.


How much do your services cost?

There are no hidden fees. The prices listed on our site are exactly what we charge for the services described. Our prices are very competitive and we offer high-end 3D animation/video for often less than what you would pay for a single image from other rendering service companies. If you feel your project falls into a custom category, we'll be happy to discuss and give you tailored quote.


How long does it take for you to produce a set of Images or 3D animation/video

The process usually takes 2-3 days for our basic services and 3-5 days for our Advanced and Ultra services. 4 additional days are needed if you have 2d floor plans that need to be converted to renderable 3D model


How are your prices so low?

We are able to keep our prices low by streamlining the process along with only offering services that we know are the most common and the most useful to our clients. You may find other companies that offer a lot more services and options, but also along with that,  hidden fees and a lot of confusion. At the end of the day we offer very distinct services at a set price that we know you will be happy with.

But to make things even more clear, we'll list some of our requirements and limitations.

  • Advanced materials/textures require that your object/models be separated properly to assign unique textures.
  • We don't cleanup models. We expect that your 3D models are properly exported from most major 3D platforms with properly assigned materials.
  • We limit revisions and proofs, but guarantee a level of service and quality that's presented on our site and galleries.

What is the difference between your basic, advanced and Ultra services.

Almost of our services are broken down into three categories (basic, advanced, and ultra). The basic services only includes your project models along with very basic solid color textures. The advanced services include more advanced materials and props . The more advanced materials allow for a much more photorealistic portrayal of your project. Our Advanced services also includes one set of texture/material revisions. Ultra services includes everything thats in the Advanced services along with props that are animated for even more immersion into your project. Our Ultra Service also includes 2 texture/material revisions. Structural revisions are an additional cost


How does the process work?

Once you've placed an order, you will be asked to fill out a design brief that will give us a starting point for your project.  The form contains a brief set of questions and an area for you to upload your blueprints or 3d files. Once submitted if we have additional questions or need more details we'll reach out to ensure your project goes smoothly. We may even send you some quick screenshots throughout our process just to ensure we're on the right path for your project.


What file formats do you accept?

We accept all major 3D model formats such FBX, OBJ, SKP, C4D. However, we do not do model cleanup or break models apart for texturing. You will need to provide us with models that are already prepared for textures/material for us to utilize our advanced services.


How do I receive my Images or 3D animation/video

Once your project is complete we'll provide you with a link to our cloud storage so that you can easily download all the content that we've created for you.


Do you offer 3D Rendering and animation from 2d floor plans?

Yes, we're proud to announce that we now offer digital floor plans with dimensions to be converted to 3D models for rendering. Just simply check the add-on when you're adding the service to your cart and upload your floor plan files. Please note that we will need elevation and multiple angle floor plans to create full 3D models with ceilings, roofs, etc. This  also adds an additional 4 business days to the process.


Do you offer custom services not listed on the site?

Our philosophy is to keep things simple, efficient, and affordable. If you need something that's not listed on our site, feel free to get in touch to discuss what you are looking for and we'll be honest if we think it's a good fit for us and you.


What types of props can we have in our projects

We have over 3000 quality props that can bring your projects to life. Just to name a few categories, we have humans, animals, furniture, cars, bikes, plants, rocks, grass, trees, and so much more. Our library includes not only static props like furniture and rocks, but you can also breathe life into your scene with ambient sounds, animated human and animal characters, and even plants that blow in the wind


What makes 3D Glee different?

There are lots of things that make us different, but let's zero in on the aspects that are different from other rendering companies.

  • We don't have an extensive design brief. if you're project requires a long design brief it's probably not for us. Our 3D artists build off your vision and use their own artistic experience.
  • We make everything look good.
  • We don't currently offer True VR experiences (coming soon)
  • We don't typically offer custom 3D design services outside what's listed on our site.
  • No confusing and surprising quote requests

What do I need to supply to have photo-realistic 3D renderings & animations created?

For exterior renderings, we require  architectural elevations to create 3D renderings. For interior renderings, we require the architectural floor plans to create 3D renderings. In addition if you can also provide detailed CAD drawings including electrical maps, we can further match the 3D model to exact specifications. The more reference materials that you provide, the more accurate the 3D renderings will be.


Can anyone use your services?

While we usually work with architects, developers, builders, contractors, real estate professionals, and interior designers – we welcome anyone that has a need for our services to contact us. For instance, we absolutely love working with homeowners who are planning for new construction or renovating their current home. We have experience working on residential, commercial, office and development projects of all sizes, so we are confident that we can handle any project scope professionally and produce excellent results.


How much does 2D floor plan conversion cost

For the initial process of creating a 3D Model from your floor plan is $400 for exterior and $500 for exterior and interior. The rendered images, panoramas, and animation cost is dependent on what level (Basic, Advanced, Ultra) you select. 4 additional business days are needed to create a 3D model from a 2D digital floor plan.


Can I provide images that can be used as reference for renderings

Yes, we have an app that can be installed on your phone that walks you through the process of taking a series of images around your house. Those images are then converted to a 3d model and used in our rendering process.


What if I don't have blueprints or a 3D model?

If you don't have blueprints or a 3d model of the structure that you are wanting rendered then we have an app that will allow you to take pictures of the exterior of your structure that is then converted to a 3d Model. We then use the 3d model to create your custom renderings.

We're located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley in Harrisonburg Virginia. The peaceful surroundings, along with the beautiful nature inspires us to approach things a bit differently.

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